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We unite the entire family business. Customized investment strategies and solutions, coordination of investment, tax and legal advisors, trust and estate planning advice and recommendations, multi-generational education and planning services, family office services, family governance, business consulting, executive consulting, management consulting, executive coaching, family coaching(intergenerational), single coaching, IT services and media management. Lifestyle & Travel Services, luxury goods trading.

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Our mission is to deliver holistic quality famlien business.

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Our goal is to provide high quality services for Leaders.



we are here to manage your family with experience


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Our passion is to take successful people to the next level, even in crisis. To make sure that the family business runs smoothly across generations and that personal and financial growth grows steadily across generations.


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Our values

What we stand for

Our corporate culture is based on 6 core values: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, FAMILY BUSINESS, IDENTITY, BRILLIANCE, ACCEPTANCE AND EMPATHY. We feel committed to these values. They shape the way we work as a management consultancy, the way we work with our clients and our corporate culture.

Our contributors of our company are important to us. We want all contributors to develop brilliantly both professionally and personally. We see the Kevin Underwood Group as a development and growth platform that brings together brilliant people from the fields of Consulting, Wealth Managemen, (U)HNWI Family Business & Coaches people who think and act entrepreneurially and creative minds to help each other grow.    

ACCEPTANCE is capitalized with us and not only written, but also lived. We want the contributors to accept each other, by this we mean the internal as well as the external contributors, because often a brilliant solution can come out when there are different views. But for this to happen, there must also be the acceptance of those who think differently.

We believe that everyone can and wants to develop. KUG has created a suitable atomsphere for people who enjoy using state-of-the-art technologies to design exciting projects, business processes as well as business processes in the areas of wealth management, family office services, to design digital business processes for globally operating families and to grow with them. To a consultant personality for (U)HNWIs who have a common goal: to create sustainable solutions for globally acting (U)HNWIs.

Our customers love working with us. They appreciate the specific KUG spirit. They recognize that we don't just handle projects, but that we really want to change something and, together with the customer, bring about lasting improvements for our clients. On this image, which is also a fact, to be the best consultant and coach for our clients, we work together as a team every day!